What We Do At Earworm Sound

Bring Your Stories to Life Through Sound

Your films, videos, and TV shows are going to be awesome—and we’re here to make them sound fantastic.

EarWorm Sound is your professional audio post-production company. Dedicated to making your story come to life with rich audio, we specialize in post-production sound packages for feature films, TV shows, documentaries, commercials, video games, short films, and trailers for North American and International distribution. Whatever your genre (drama, biopic, thriller, horror, and comedy), EarWorm will make it sound fantastic.

Dialogue Editing

Your dialogue is precious, essential, and has to be clearly heard. We’ll make sure they are. Our experienced team uses special techniques and innovative technology to clean and polish your production audio and voiceovers. So your performers’ dialogue will sound even better than the day you recorded them.

Sound Design

Stories are what drives passion and imagination. Our team will help bring your production's imagination to life with creative and unique sound design and immersive & ambient backgrounds. You’ll get our impressive libraries of sounds and our team of field recording geniuses, all to ensure that we use the best sounds for your story.

Re-Recording Mixing

We take your location audio and enhance them with re-recording magic. This is where all the amazing dialogue and sound design elements come together to boost your story with sonic perfection.

Our mix suite boasts a 5.1 surround sound mixing environment that allows us to tailor your mix for cinemas, web, TV, or any other broadcast medium. Our system is calibrated for the highest screening standards and technical acoustic balance. 

Audio Description

Want to reach an even bigger audience? Audio Description improves the accessibility of your visual images of films, TV shows, live theater, and other art forms for people who are blind, have low vision, or are otherwise visually impaired. We’ll write, record, and mix your required Audio Description tracks and ensure they meet the strict broadcast quality standards required around the world.

Voiceover, ADR, Podcasts

We love the sound of your voice. EarWorm Sound is fully-equipped to capture live and pristine voices in our studio. Come play in our comfortable, acoustically treated voiceover booth. We’ll get you the right microphone and preamp hardware to make your talent shine. 

You’ll be confident that your talent is in the hands of professionals. Our 20 years in the industry ensures that you get the best performance and take, every time. 

Want to record ADR or podcasts? Happy to deliver. We produce and record podcasts that help bring your ideas to life.

Let’s face it: great sound helps your stories soar…and we’re here to help you fly.

If you have any questions about our services or want to get started, contact us today.